Thursday, February 7, 2008

My CHA Checklist

Heh gang:
So I stayed up, and my house was perfect, minus putting away all the laundry, but i had the house perfect. I did have to sacrifice sleep. But I will get enough of that on the plane tomorrow. so my bag is pretty much packed. I got a book today new slippers, aka flip flops, and have my ipod and psp charging. I still have to print off some labels and get the rest of all that coordinated, but it is what it is. I feel SUPER unprepared, but it is D-Day and it's too too late to worry about it. Anyway, I am a bit nervous leaving the girls here. Not that my parents can't totally rock taking care of my girls, I just have never been away for an entire week from Traysea or Nanea. Tyra has gone with my mom on vacation, when she was little, but a week away from my piglets, i am not sure how i feel about all that! Anyway, I am sure it is just over protective mom syndrome. I am not taking the laptop with me, so I will try and upload pictures, IF I can!
know that i love you

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Brad and Lauren said...

Go enjoy your trip. The girls are in great hands. Yes, it is the "overprotective mom syndrome" that is kicking in but you also have the "greatly preparing my kids for anything syndrome" too so don't worry about them. Love ya lots - when you get back I need some name help. So hurry, I only have a few more weeks to go before she comes. Talk to you soon- Me!!