Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pushing it out

Thanks everyone for making me smile. I woke up this morning, still feeling like CRAP! It crept into my sleep and ruined that...I tried journaling my thoughts, to sorta push them out of my mind...yea right!! Anyway, I horribly buried myself in food. Of course, no improvement. I really wish eating for me was comfort! That way I would be skinny, well eventually. I would find out what my trigger was, and then address it. ANYWAY, The Pink House did help me. How insane is that? I mean how many of you guys go to work, and get happy! The store is looking AWESOME and we had some fun people check in and shop, so it is always nice to be there! We got the office ready because we have a booked Friday night crop and 12 hour crop! I love it when The Pink House can rock it! Anyway.....
So everyone loves my new layout. CUTE YEA! My girl Misty had some fun stuffs going on with her blog, so I totally went checking out what was out there. So the cupcakes with the different so totally mine! It is almost as if she knew what my blog title was! Awesome yea!
Do you guys watch Oprah? She has totally made my tivo top ten list. I heart her. Ryan hates it. At night I catch up on what I have missed of hers. So, my point, she is reading the book A New Earth. I decided the other day, I was going to read it. I need/want, an AHA moment. So I am going to sign up for her online class. I can't wait to get into the book. I was thinking about downloading it to my Ipod...but I have a semi fear of audio books. I might chance it!
Anyway, so today was, is a better day! It was cold, but at least there was sunshine! I love the warmth and brightness! So maybe I just need more sunshine! It is suppose to be awesome this weekend....
I am at The Pink House tomorrow..oh and Saturday...come see me!!

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