Monday, February 4, 2008

*Three days*

Wait what? Three days? That's not possible! I leave for CHA in four days, but my Mommy and Daddy arrive here in three days. I have to say I was productive today! It was time for an oil change for the van, and since my parents will be taking my girls back and forth, I knew that I needed to get it changed. So, I decided to knock a few other things while I had to get my oil changed. So off to Wal Mart I went. Gam Gam had taken her van there. It was cost effective and I could run my errands. So tada. Groceries, check. Laundry soap, check. Oil change, check. Cleaned out the fridge, check. Wiped down the entire fridge and freezer, check. Ran errands for Pink House Michelle, check! I didn't get to the mall and I didn't get to actually doing any laundry. Plus I forgot to get the babies Valentine's day snacks for their goodie bags. BUT heh, I am going to take today as a winner! Anyway, I promise pictures soon! Plus I have to show you Baby Bugs and Kahe's valentines for their classmates. All I have to say is SEI Jolie Chocolate and Doodlebug! UH OH!
I open tomorrow..come by and see me!

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KTluv said...

Have a great time at CHA Ronee and bring us back lots of Goodies!!! Enjoy your parents too. Hope they got here safely!!!