Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Final Day of CHA

Well CHA has come to an end! WOW, where did the week go? I have to say I had a great time. If I gained nothing else from this show, it was the SUPERSTAR Wishblade class I took...AND....Meeting all the rockstar celebs here at CHA! We ran into my favortive Donna Downey. We really, first spotted her on the plane here from Charlotte. I was leaning into the aisle, and caught a quick look at her. I leaned back quickly and whispered to Michelle....oh my goss, here comes Donna Downey! She was totally in stalker distance the entire plane ride. But I sorta felt, that she just might want some personal time! So I let her and Bill could have their moments on the plane. Thinking I had lost my chance to see her, we run into her in Anna Griffin's booth. I squeal, and rush over to see her. She was busy talking with someone, so I told her husband that I totally saw them on the plane and he remembered seeing us! Total rockstar moment! It was so fun! Donna and Bill are so trying to see if they can come to Charleston. HOW INSANE WOULD THAT BE? If Donna had a little private class at The Pink House. I am not sure what I would do if that happened? Well if she doesn't ever get down to our area to teach, you can see her close to us because she is having an event in April, in Concord, NC. Just check out her blog and you can totally see what her schedule is like!

So we leave for home tomorrow. We won't get home actually to around midnight, but at least I made it home right??? SO Happy Valentine's Day! I hear Ryan has bought me an awesome Valentines Day present!!! I promise as soon as I get off the plane, then sleep a bit..unpack, get Tyra to the doctors, I will start to post my pictures. You won't believe how many pictures I took. Thank Goodness for the 2G card!

Know that I love you!

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