Friday, February 22, 2008


I normally love the rain! It is all about fresh, clear, pure...all that wonderfulness. But today, I am hating the rain. It is cold and making me drag! I don't know what it is, but I just can't get going. I want to put on my comfy pants and tuck into my beddie bye basket with my book and just let the world go on around me. But here it is 2:28 pm and all I want to do is crawl over to my couch, and tuck in for a bit. BUT, being the trooper I am, I have chosen to be good, blog some, finish washing some clothes, and then off to an Estate sale with Michelle later this evening. Sleep is over rated, right? My mom says it is just my body's way of saying slow down. I think, it's cause I forgot to take my vitamins last night, and my body is looking for the boost. Yes, I take all my medicines at night. Why you ask...well cause I am a whimp, is pretty much the answer. If it upset my stomach or made me feel dizzy and nausea then I would be able to just sleep off the side effects. I have a pictures of the days..for the past few days, but I just have to upload them. Anyway, sorry if I have brought you down today. I promise to upload some pictures to make you smile..later..kay
know that i love you

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