Thursday, February 28, 2008

#2's Birthday party plans

Just where have the last six years gone? I mean seriously, who let my middle baby grow up. Honestly, I think #2 was born well beyond her years. At the age of almost 6 she is amazing. Now Ryan and I have been extremely blessed with extraordinary girls. Not to mention a pretty rockstar husband..but that is a totally separate discussion! Anyway so #2 has always been able to tell you exactly what she has wanted, or not wanted. One of her favorite phrases, almost as soon as she could speak, was "Hmmm, I rather not." It is so hilarious. Anyway, so my #2 wants to go to Build A Bear in Myrtle Beach. Extreme right. I mean, seriously child you are just going to be six. Myrtle Beach is about 90 minutes away. No huge deal, but for my six year old? Now if Build a Bear was just down the street at the Mall, we would have had this party four years ago when she first asked for it. But no, it's not. So she has been to both of the Build A Bear's in our area, and she prefers the one in Myrtle Beach. So, the plan is to drive up go shopping. Have lunch, have her party and probably spend the night. We haven't decided what the plan is with the exception of her Build a bear Birthday party! ry's schedule is what is always the case. Anyway, I have to finish her invites. I came up with this uber cute rhyme, which I normally try to come up with something cute...but anyway..I need to finish those tomorrow. I hope they come out as rockstar as I am thinking they will be!!!
anyway..enough already..I promise to either post some pictures or #2s finished invites!

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