Monday, February 18, 2008

My Lent sacrifice and My rededication!

Heh gang:
So first of all...the day that baby..suppose to be born Shell Bells, you call me...and a name frame will be en route as soon as the ink can dry! Promise Promise! There is no way one Jancito girl have one..without the other. Which makes me think, my Manny doesn't have one! I better get on that one. But he didn't have a room before! it is Lent and Catholics give up something as a representation of Jesus' sacrifice for us. Normally, I don't really stretch myself, but this year, I think I am going to really push myself. At first I was thinking meat. I know I know, what a simple sacrifice, but you guys don't really understand my LOVE of Prime Rib. Not to mention steak, ground beef, pork chops, and everything else that goes along with that, but when I mentioned it to my mom, she suggested something a bit harder. Like shopping! When she said it, this crazy warm ugggh hit me in the stomach. But after I thought about it, I was like Jesus made a huge sacrifice, and if I expect my child to make sacrifices, my oldest is the only one that participates in Lent, then I should go BIG right? So shopping it is! Now there so a few buts, but the on whole, today was my last shopping day!
I feel like my inner shine lately has been stunted. Not the Pink House's fault...totally my choice. When I get involved, I throw myself whole heartedly into it. But lately, I have felt like my craft light has been dimmed. So, I have decided to increase my wattage. So I have decided to join the picture a day thing. I am 40 or so days behind, but I am sure that I possible the ability to catch up. I think that I am going to go back to challenges. They make me work! I think The Pink House will only benefit from my creative juice. Anyway..Know that I love you...I am in the store tomorrow, so if you aren't busy, come see me!


KTluv said...

Good for you girl!!! I love the POTD idea. I am also doing one. I have missed a couple of days but on the whole I am doing pretty good. (Better than my blogging! lol) You can check it out. The link is on my blog. Can't wait to see yours!

Felicia said...

So you want challenges, huh? Well how about sending that box of purple stuff that is screaming my name (I can hear it from here) as a house warming gift. I move into the new house on March 3rd.

Also, I didn't know Shelly (y or ey?) was pregnant again!!! Congrats to her!

Love ya, Miss ya! (And good luck with the no shopping, I'll be praying for ya)