Saturday, February 16, 2008

*Home again home again*

Who would have thought the best thing about returning from CHA was my bed. Well really it wasn't, but I did enjoy having my Cali King back. Even if Ryan was in it! I arrived home LATE Thursday night...well, Friday morning, depending on how you look at it! But One am isn't too bad, right? Anyway, it was fine. My mom arrived, after she got lost for a bit...but Michelle and I were just ready to be home. Who would have thought that it takes an entire day to get back from LA? We were delayed oh about 45 minutes in Chicago, but we made it safely home! No superstar sightings this time, but oh well. I am SO excited for The Pink House. Michelle scooped up a TON of awesome stuffs! If you shop us, you are going to LOVE IT! Anyway, I have a buttercup ton load of pictures, but I thought I should start off with the best ones. Of course it is of my rockstar sightings. A lot of them just have Michelle in them since I was taking the pictures. But plus, it is her store...she should be in them, if they are going on her walls...right? At least that made me feel better. But here are some!
This Jinger, from "Just Jinger". She was so awesome. She was totally working her own booth and helping everyone with the Make n' Takes. Which by the way, was a total superstar one! She makes these great embellishments! Oh I loved them! Not to mention, she so told us her story, on how her line started out.
This is Erin from Glitz. Last year, these Glitz girls were just babies. But this year, Ginger, Laura, and Erin have arrived. If you have been watching QVC, you have seen their product! They are so rockstar, it is AWESOME! Not to mention that their husbands built their booth this year. It looked so great. I can't wait till you see all the wonderful things we got from them!
Michelle got us tickets to Suzi Ormen. She was the guest speaker at CHA. The problem, was that we had to check out large rolling back, before we could head out to her seminar. So who do I see in line behind us. Ali Edwards. OH MY GOSS!!! Remember a while back I selected my word, rather phrase, for the year. It was totally Ali's movement. I just love her!
This is Doug, from Bazzill. Yes, he owns Bazzill. His niece helped us with our order! But he was nice enough to take a second and take a picture with us!

Yes, that's Tim Holtz. He is the hottest thing going on right now in the crafting world! I totally got some cheek to cheek action! He was right next to the Bazzill both, and when I saw him, I was like OH MY GOODNESS! He was so much fun! He worked the Ranger Booth and was demoing everything and anything. I can't wait to get his stuff in our store!
So my most favorite thing this CHA was meeting Donna Downey. Oh okay, and getting that hands on personal instruction on the wishblade with Tracy. Now I have seen a lot of "famous" peoples! I worked in an entertainment department for the MWR in Korea. So I have seen peoples...but my total overhelming..oh my gosh there she is moment, was when I saw Donna Downey wonder into Anna Griffin's booth. Her and Bill, yea cause I know them like that, just happened to walk in the same time as we did. I was talking to the person in the booth, and Michelle was yelling my name. I was like, just a sec, but she said, no you have to look now. I apologized to the sales girl a,d ran over to get my camera out. I explained to her that we saw her on the plane, but didn't want to bother her. But here, you are totally fair game! Anyway, here is our shot together. Bill took the picture! He mentioned to us that she is having an event in Concord, NC...which is in their neighborhood, but they would love to make a trip to Charleston. OH MY GOSS! I totally threw him a card and said, PLEASE PLEASE let me know when you are planning to be in our area. We'd love her to stop by...but maybe even talk about her teaching a class! Just how awesome would that be? I mean seriously. Donna Downey teaching in our store. I would be amazed! Loved her! Her and her husband are so chill and real! I mean of course I feel like I know her. I read her Blog daily! I hear about her and her new flip. Bill and his father daughter dances, I mean everything! I am still excited as I am blogging about it! Anyway, there are tons more pictures I have to share, but that is going to be what I leave with you today! Know that I love you guys..and I will check back in tomorrow!

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