Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WOW, what a mess!

If you have been by The Pink House today, you saw the CRAZY mess we have! Just what the heck happened, I am not totally sure. Actually I am, but I like to play innocent. American Craft and Maude Ashbry arrived. HOLY UPS BOXES BATMAN! 10 at last count, and my favorite yummie UPS man has yet to arrive today, so this evening could be an adventure. I feel bad leaving Michelle, but my husband has horrible hours, and I just can't be in the store at night. So a lot of it is falling on her shoulders. But today we have the Klutter Doctor here, and she is working on the garage. Boy oh boy! So today I have been a good girl. NO shopping!! I am already feeling the withdraws...but I am taking my girls to Chuckie Cheese in a bit! I am hoping it is not full, so that Gam gam and I can actually have moments to sit, instead chase around my herd! Well know that I love you...

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Erika said...

ooh new goodies! Let me know when you have my next assignment ready!! :-) I'm so excited! I just bought a bunch of paper over the weekend that I'm excited to play with.