Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who took my sunny days

So why was it 80 last week? I mean seriously I thought spring/summer was rolling in..and today..I am in a long sleeve..what happened??? I wish it would make a decision! I mean seriously! So we have a new addition to our house..NO, not a baby..not a puppy...well at least not yet...but a new car. Ry FINALLY got a car! Thank you Lord Jesus. This whole running back and forth to get him was for the birds! It's a cute silver camry. I will post pictures later. It's not my favorite out of everything we drove, but point a to point b and all the children with car seats fit, not to mention gas usage is a plus! So we are happy with it all! SO I have been at a creative SLUMP! I am suppose to be in a kick ass swap this weekend. HI welcome to Tuesday and I still have nothing. I do think I am like that because I am probably going to have to cancel on going. It breaks me up inside, but ryan is on 12pm to 12 am..which really means 11 to 2am..and he doesn't think I should leave the girls baby sat that long. Plus some of my own internal guilt is kicking in. Anyway..I will have to think about it! But here are the girls and their after school snack!!!


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Michelle said...

yum-where's mine!