Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Peace and Serenity

One of my friends just sent me a comment wishing me peace and serenity. I think I have found it. For a long time I knew I wanted to be a mom. When people use to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer was always to be a great mom. So fast forward to now and the decision still remains the same. The greatest reward in my life has been blessed with three totally awesome daughters! So, marrying Ryan, I knew I would be the one to always make the sacrifice. Not cause he didn't want to, just because we are in the Navy and not like he could really sacrifice when it came to work. So I have pretty much given up my responsibilities at The Pink House. WALK AWAY...NEVER! I don't think Michelle them could get rid of me if they really really is just I can't be on the schedule.

When Michelle them originally opened the store. The plan was for her to commute back and forth from Savannah. Well be here for part of the week, and find someone to work the store 10-6 a few days and then The Mom would have the store on the weekends. Oh that plan was out the window pretty much as soon as it started. Michelle thought that she would be able to find someone to watch the store and she leave the store to get the kids and not come back...that plan not affective. Then Mom was suppose to be to the store in time to close it....that went out the window since she already has a big girl job. Then Michelle's husband changes jobs which require him to work on the weekends..UH OH! So for the past five months, Michelle and I have been pigging backing the work load of the store. BUT with Ry's school change and everything I just don't have enough to "be enough" to everyone.

So yesterday was my first real day...with no store commitment...but of course that means catch up on everything I have let slide my house..and little notes in the girls lunch boxes...all of that! So I spent yesterday doing everything. Having Ry's car towed back to the house. Not to mention being his driver to and from school. But all the laundry is done, and I have spent the most of this evening/night putting close away. That is the part I hate the most! When Ryan and I got married all these years ago he said "honey if you wash it. I will put it away!" Oh the man didn't know what the heck he was getting into. Let me just start to explain...Four girls in a family of five. Not to mention that my husband, I am sure, was a girl in his last life...SO he wears at least two set of clothes a day. Not to mention an undershirt to go with his uniform..shirt stays and black socks. I promise..My 12 year old is probably the best with staying in one outfit. I did so many things right with that one. But #3 oh my goodness..she loves her clothes so so so much she wants to wear every outfit with every single accessory right now. Oh you just have to love her!!! Anyway, it's midnight and I have to finish the ironing for tomorrow!! Yes I iron all of our clothes. One of those great mom things I get to do again!!!..
Anyway...know that I love you

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Brad and Lauren said...

Congrats on recentering your life and getting back to what is important to you. Sometimes it takes doing too much for everyone else to realize what you should be doing for you.

Love ya lots!!! Miss you bunches!!