Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's still on the surface

So I wake up this morning to my husband's alarm...grrr..I hate him working 7 days a week regardless of just what day it is! I miss Sundays of sleeping in. Not to mention that I had a shitty night of sleep due to my anger. I wish I could just let go! OH well, so the ever so reliable wife gets up and gets ready. Makes the girls their breakfast then we are off to take Ry to work. Funny enough it is the only 20 minutes we have had together in the last two nights. SO we catch up and try and find out just were we are for each other! We try to compare notes once a week and since his new schedule we really haven't been able to catch up. It is funny Ry and I don't need those romantic dinners or other crazy marriage like romantic things, but we, as a marriage, need the 15 minutes of just him and me time, and our love meters renewed! Anyway, so my decision hasn't been made! Ryan told me today to just trust in my heart to do the right thing! Which isn't much help, but oh well! Maybe I can come up with something in a few days! I am going to get a fabulous hair cut and color Monday...wish me luck!

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Erika said...

sounds like you've had a rough weekend. You can always give me a call if you need to vent--I'm always home :-)