Monday, April 7, 2008

Bright and chipper

At least, that is what I keep trying to suggest to myself! I hate how much this is affecting me. But I think I have decided to just close this chapter of my life. My family needs me, and after thinking about it, I sorta feel like I have allowed myself to not be that mom anymore. The girls snacks arrive at school in the same bag that they left the grocery store in. Now that's not me. Why did Traysea get the cute Longaberger arranged snacks? It all goes back to being my word/phrase of the year..."be enough". I am just not being enough to anyone right now. So, I have to cut things out. As long as I don't replace it with something else. So we will see...But on a bright shinning moment, I am getting my hair cut and colored. So wish me luck...

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Misty said...

I hear you! It's so hard to keep up. I'm trying my hardest to above and beyond for Jack so I never regret anything! You'll have to post pics of your new hair! I'm jealous of the color, I found 3 grays in the front of my head yesterday and I can't dye my hair right now! =)