Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More randoms

I love love love Misty's I thought why not everyday it!

*New bowling ball..and some practice...gets me 200 games! ROCKSTAR!

*A husband with less then 8 hours of sleep in shift work...GRUMPY!

*I got the Vera Bradley catalog a few days ago!! UH OH! Seaside tote, I have to have it all!

* Laundry is dirty talk!

*Bath and Body works doesn't make those children's soap anymore. Why do they always stop making the greatest things???

*I love having daughters! They are the best dolls! Not that I wouldn't love a baby boy!

*16 boxes arrived at The Pink House...all I see is a LLLLOOONNNGGG Weekened...well it's National Scrapbook Day!

All for the BEST random thought I have...I might have a summer trip coming HAWAII!

Be excited for me!!!

1 comment:

Memorie said...

I am excited for you (also a bit jealous)!!
The national day of scrapbooking is putting a lot of pressure on me...ARGH!!! ;)