Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have been trying to be better

Well, life is finally getting back to normal..I can actually see the floor in my craft room. Which is excellent since I have to go to a HUGE swap next weekend! Thank goodness for my Bunny! She is coming to watch my girls while I venture off to Columbia to swap with my Carolina Girls! I am so excited...but I don't have a swap yet..I know I know..the crazyness of it all! But as a plus my life has returned to order!!! Heh, have you seen Michelle Dulaney??? I hear she has her hair cut just like mine. I can't help it if everyone wants to be like me! JUST KIDDING! She's my pretend twin and I love her. It is funny how her and I already match not on purpose...but anyway...but here is a picture of my oldest..on her first educational field trip. I promise #1 had as much fun as her baby sister!! She was the best helper! Here she is packing honey!!! At Bee City, they also had a petting zoo. Of course I was FREAKING out about the germs, but I promised I would try and keep it under control. So here she is petting this ferret. The guy holding the ferret actually owns this one. So he give #1 a mini lesson about them. She is doing great at home school. I really wish we had just decided at the beginning of the year to homeschool her! But everything seems to be just rolling along. Today she spent her morning working away on her laptop! We have another educational field trip scheduled later this month! She can't wait to go strawberry picking!!!
more later!!!

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