Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools

So today was April Fools Day. Now for pretty much EVER I have never liked this day. Jokes and tricks aren't really my thing, but my two younger girls LOVED it! They spent a large part of their day trying to get each other! It is fun to see them together! They are best friend and worst enemies rolled into one! I love it! Sometimes my heart hurts for number one..because she doesn't have a sibling to be with...but today I got the greatest call. Aunty Shelley called. Laura and Tyra are best friends! They LOVE to be together. They were so perfect. They'd spend hours together and Shelley and I would almost forget that they were back there! It made for such lovely lunch dates. Anyway, the Navy has taken Laura far across the country while we are still here...but Tyra and Laura LONG to be neighbors again! Anyway, she just called to say that they missed us! WE MISS YOU TOO LAURA!!! Anyway..I thought I would share this picture today! This is my favorite and her friend! Brianna is such an awesome 15 year old! Of course she still has 15 year old drama, but she is pretty much everything I could ask for when my oldest turns 15. Ryan and I have decided that we want to surround our children with other children that make great choices. Brianna is one of those children. She has a best friend who happens to be just like my number 3 named Morgan. Big Mogo and Bna are the best examples of teenagers I could ever ask for! So....know that I love you's one am..I gotta head to's grad your balls, let's go bowling tomorrow!
love yah

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