Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh i'm bubbling!!!

Oh I am so hot right now I can't even see right! Today I found out, I am not reliable. SERIOUSLY, was the only word that came to mind...Me, not reliable???

Hmmm...I often am the girl who gets the call when they need their daughter picked up from school or if someones in the hospital having a baby..I keep their daughter.
If someone is off to a hair appointment, I am the one that takes their children to school.
Someone needs to get their nails done, I open the store.
Gam gam needs me pick up my favorite, I jet off to rescue her.
Ry needs his coveralls name plates made and patches sew on for tomorrow, I get them done.
If my mom needs something, she doesn't call the other siblings, it's me she calls.

Now I'm fine being the go to girl! I mean seriously I love that people trust me in taking care of the most important "thing" in their lives...but to hear, at least second hand, that I am not reliable has just sent me to a whole nother edge.

Maybe I just had a shitty day. All these days seem to be streamed together lately. I am not sure what in this world I have done to be on this wave of crazy, but here I am riding it. Ry's car broke down. OMW this car. I told Ryan, buy the Infiniti already. But that is totally a different days blogging. Ryan still has to go to work, guess who gets to deal with his car. It is not like I can just leave it on the side of the road on a military facility. Empty cars on military facilities just send up all kinds of red flags. So I, the reliable wife, gets to take care of car removal. So Karrie Clark takes my children to all their social engagements. Now Karrie Clark, she is one reliable girlie!! While I get to deal with Ry's car.

After that is finally resolved, I retrieve my children from the ever so reliable Karrie Clark and head home. My poor 12 year old had been home all day alone while I was taking care of all of this. So I get the babies home and start the tub. Let's just say Wannamaker park in the rain..oh what fun! Anyway, Ryan calls requesting pick up service in about 45 minutes. I am shocked because my husband was scheduled to work till 8 pm...and here it was only five pm and he was ready. So I pull the girls out of the tub, put their ajamas, that's what #3 calls Pajamas, on and shovel them into the car. I start the adventure down the road to pick up my husband, when he calls me...he got a ride home and is passing me right now. SERIOUSLY....anyway, I just chalked it up to something else going SO right today! So we put the girls in the bed, and Ryan thanked me for being the ever so RELIABLE wife! Then I start to vent! And out comes Ryan and his superhero syndrome. He starts sprouting off how I have to do this and I have to do that, because I am such a rockstar. And how in everything our family, house and marriage has suffered. Yes, Ry Ry is so full of drama but the main statement he makes to me is that I am the most important thing to him and no one is going to take me for granted. Totally made me think of the "No one puts Baby in the corner" line from Dirty Dancing. So today he says, do this or do that. So here I am trying to decide. I can't sleep. I am up at 11 pm while my entire house is sound asleep. Why, cause I am letting the anger build within me. So now I am just breathing out and going to pray about it! God always has delivered me the answer...I really am thinking that maybe this chapter in my life is just over. Ry's schedule has changed, we are homeschooling #1 and I am depending on other moms to take my children to birthday parties. I miss weekends with my children and the guilt free breakfast time with my husband. Maybe my heart just hurts. I dunno.
Bubbling over!!

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