Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pink House GOODIES

No, you aren't at Tim Holtz blog. But if you were there you would know just what these are a picture of. Artfully Creative Primas. Yes peeps, I said PRIMAS. Primas arrived at The Pink House today. Horribly, of course we are waiting for some stuffs to arrive, but this is the first shipment...I have to ask myself, why are they so lovely. I have to tell you, if you ever meet me, I always have a flower in my ear. It is just a Hawaii thing...now a days I feel off balance if i don't have one behind my left ear. My apa hates it. Apa says that it's a Hawaii thing and I should have left it there...oh my poor husband and his crazy comments. Anyway, The Pink House has been "blessed" with a bunch of stuffs. Cloud 9's new paper fluttered in. Not to mention Delightful from Sharon Ann...OH MY WORD! I want every single sheet of that stuffs. So thought that I would drop in! Know that I love you

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Memorie said...

I'm ready...I have completed 2 pages!!! Tell me when you will be there and I will show up!!!