Thursday, April 3, 2008

Have you been to The Pink House lately

WOW...that's pretty much all I have to say! I love the post CHA glow. It is get back from CHA, exhausted...and by the time you get a bit caught back up and into the routine, the presents arrive!!! So Zach's life arrived..but then DCWV's glitter paper arrived! OMW! I love every single sheet of it. Just as a mental note...why doesn't it come in black??? Anyway..what else what else...hmmm....Bazzill should be arriving anyday..OH and STEMMA's family line. Let's just say YUMMIE! Glitz now is ready to ship tomorrow. Sticker King and their cuddly glitter birthday paper! do I really need to say anything about that company....I am just SO SO SO excited. Luci, from K and Company and EK Success was here..OH GOODNESS were we in trouble! Justrite stampers are enroute and can you believe that we are already due for the second line from Yellow Bicycle! You won't believe what the heck is happening..and the best best best best thing ever to happen to the store....DONNA DOWNEY! I mean seriously..who would have ever thought that we could get Donna??? WOW..I am just exhausted with it all...BUT...We have Donna teaching Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th! If you purchase all three classes, then you get a discount...PLUS...a chance to have Dinner with Donna!!! How awesome would that be?? Just a dinner date with you, Donna, and The Pink House Gang??? I am so excited!!!
So call us..visit us..WHATEVER!!! Visit us at The Pink House!!

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Erika said...

ok, I AM SO THERE for Donna's classes. How much are they and when can I sign up?? I just love love love her!!