Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love Donna!

So i have been so busy and spinning that I forgot to mention that Donna Downey was on the way back to The Pink House. Yes she loves me and can't stay away! She is..oh rockstar fabulous! So of course Donna brought her skills back and showcased her brand new class! 100 eyelets or die trying! Cause she is bringing eyelets back! I didn't take that class..I took Work of Art and Hybrid Album! I love love love how donna, (heh donna..notice that that is lower case alphas!!) pushes my box open. I know..that could really really sound NASTY..but she does! My creative box..which I sorta feel is way out there! I was lucky enough to be born into a crafty gene pool so on the creative scale I can hold my own! I just have to have time!!! you want to see my projects?? I know the picture isn't the greatest..but it is midnight in my hood, but i had to get it up. If you want..Michelle took an unauthorized picture and posted it on her blog before I did. Check her blog! Here are some other pictures. I am just in love with this. I got in trouble with the teacher and had to start over. Which is funny! But I love how it came out. I hated the empty space in the upper right hand corner..but as I look at it more and more..I am loving it more!
Now everyone loves taking pictures of their children. I take pictures of them doing the silly things. The tall pictures of the three of them are at the mall riding the monorail! Silly..but it was #3's first time and and we were home on vacation..why not click off a picture!

This is a Glitz rub on! LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. Laura and Erin are such fun! There is one more girl, but I forgot her name. They have new outstanding products coming out in a few over to their website and see what's going on on their are going to love it! OH and the best best best know what they call their bling....FROSTING! cute yea!

The flowers are KI's lace paper! don't you just think it's the best thing. And of course my project had to have a flower. It seems a flower or two can always find its way on to any of my project..even into my signature!

SO you want to see my other FINISHED project? Yes, that's right gang..I came home and powered through it..and it is pretty much completed! I need to buy a few more embellies..but it is looking cute! I took the girls pictures from this far and made it a summer of '08 book! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT..the fabulous cover! donna introduced me to a new have to have tool...the grommet setting and Golden gel medium! It totally introduced me to the fabric world. Oh great another thing that i can hoard! it started as a bare chipboard album. Maya road makes the best "naked" chipboard albums. Now I don't recommend their chipboard letters if you can covering them with paper and then sanding ! Okay enough of my product promotion! So if you are an alter type of person check them out!Donna 's kit comes with paper and embellies from making memories "noteworthy" line. Now normally I am not a huge making memories type of girl...but the colors in the line are pretty fabulous. I added just standard everyday notebook paper for some flair. Don't you love the frillys and that blue it
I am leaving those pull outs to ask the girls what they loved best about their summer.
Don't you love black and white pictures??? See my flower. That's more glitz frosting! Love love love them! The rub ons are theres and another company called The Little Yellow Bicycle. More fabulousness! It is from their delightful line! Their entire CHA Winter release was lovely! I can't wait to see what else they have going on this summer!!

Know what the best about this project is? It's current and it's all PAU! So along these lines..I was totally inspired..have you heard about inspired??? donna host an event called inspired..and she totally inspired me today...wanna see??
Tell me you love it! I love it..yes that would be another canvas done today! So i just used what I had at it is sorta hodgepodged together. But I like it! I used some of the remaining pieces of KI Lace paper and I had some Junkitz rub ons I have been hoarding for about four years or so. That is CI alpha chipboard. I love it1 I love when chipboard alphas are white, cause the paint seems to set in better. Again, totally me you know! But now I am in love with why stop there right??
Yes yes I know HORRIBLE lighting..but that more canvas FUN! I didn't have the right pink I will be adding some accent paint to the canvas when I get some. All the paint is acrylic paint that I used today. Some paint dubbers from Ranger. Some of Heidi Swapps and just some from the craft store. But the paper I used for the mats is also Junkitz. That's how long I have had this stuffs..Junkitz has been out of business for about a year. More CI chipboard. I am loving the look of the positive and negative i used again. I also used making memories alpha rub ons for the word peaceful. Nanea means peaceful in Hawaiian..which is such an oxymoron for our #3. But it is a description of her pregnancy. I love all the pictures I crammed onto this canvas. I need to make one for each girl now! I can't wait to hang these in the girls room when we moved to FL!

So what a superstar productive last day and half. If you made it this are so awesome! But finally craft projects on my blog again! I have to say everytime Donna comes to town..or I head off to CHA my creative insides start to boil! Right now I am so on the fence if I should just jump in and wash the papercraft industry over my body. Submit like crazy..and start treating it like work! I use to sell SU! Now I love stampin up products..I mean that is major cardstock that I use. Plus I own all the SU I LOVE their stuff..but I just can't limit myself to just selling their stuff.'s rolling around in my head..and it's I should be bedtime bound! blog at you later!!


Anonymous said...

love the canvases. you have inspired me to buy some gel medium and get crafy! thanks, ronee!


Misty said...

Wow!!! The summer 08' book is ADORABLE!!!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Whoa girl you have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! :)

I love the little scrapbook you did!! FUN!