Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whirlwind days belonging are on the truck! My 6 year old is having a nervous reaction to moving..and I am taking over my friends bonus room! house is packed..and my goods are scheduled to be delivered Tuesday...yes i talked to the relator and we will let me into the house on I am going to drive down..get in..and then come back to SC. Party with my peeps! and then head back down to my house..hopefully with my favorite bunny in tow! We plan on having a BLAST..unpacking and tax free school shopping..and then her mother will drive down to get her! I love my bestest friends!

So as for an update on ryan...he is PERFECT! I mean.bored..but in good health. HIs first week of school was uneventful..but he got to play golf with his high school buddy and is currently sitting in his parents living room! Us apart has been as it seems that all of our conversations are a bit "stressed"! Ry doesn't handle the unknown he tend to overplan. have to love him..right? Anyway....enjoy your weekend!!!! Promise I will post more CHA goodies when I get my computer back!
love and misses!

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