Thursday, July 17, 2008

forgot my card reader

heh bloggin i forgot my card reader..and i have already taken a billion pictures..i have to say..AGAIN..i have the best travel children around. you tell them 10 hours in a car..they laugh and say no problem...well..#3 said..there will be TV right? so i guess as long as there is a tv..gameboy and an ipod..they are good to go! SO update on moving..the moving company called us yesterday to tell week from yesterday..we will be at your home to pack you...OMW WHAT!!! yes five of those next seven days..i am not even home! Are you kidding me..oh well, they just get to come in and pack up my *&^%$! But I am happy to say I will get into my new house come august first..but we might be sleeping on air matresses and sleeping bags..but at least the girls and i are together..right? anyway..i better go! my family needs me!

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