Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Have you heard NKOTB's new song. I am pretty much in love all over again!!! Ry hates it! I love summer..did I mention that yet?? It is totally a time for my family to find their center again! It is the beginning of the year my phrase was "be enough". Be enough of a wife, enough of a mother, enough of a friend! I think I have been totally achieving! I love it though. Summer gives me a time to have long conversations with Tyra about what is going on in her life! Not that much is going on..but just in case..I can be the second to know. During the summer, I lack off on bedtime, and my girls barely get dressed some days. We have days full of plans and other days of total leisure. I love summertime! But lately we have been so busy. Trying to decide if we are going to move now..or wait till February. I think Ry and I have pretty much decided that staying here till later is the best choice. BUT now I need an awesome school for my #2. WHY are great schools SO expensive. $650 for both girls to go to school! I mean seriously I have to go back to work! Who knows what we are going to do though! But I need to call Divine Redeemer right now!

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Memorie said...

Call, call, call...and then call me, or you could call me 1st and I will call for you:)