Sunday, July 6, 2008

*Aloha Sunday*

I feel like the days with Ryan are slowly slipping away. But at least he's around for a bit..right? So the decision to move still hasn't been made! Even if we find two spaces at Divine Redeemer we have to really see if we can afford it all! Seriously I might have to be a full time working mom like Memorie! I am going to spend my day with my girls! I think I will take them for a nice afternoon at the towne center. It's funny in Hawaii, about one mile away from my parents house is a Towne Center. I wonder what constitutes a Towne Center instead of a mall? Is it an indoor thing? Well Ala Moana at home is a mall, but is completely outdoor? OH..I miss Ala Moana! I could use an Apple Store right now! But anyway..enjoy your sunday!! I will upload picture from our day with the Housers! I love that family!!

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Memorie said...

Hmmm..I like to think of myself as a full time mother who also has a job....I've never heard that term used to describe a man? Full time working Dad? Good luck with your decision...;)