Sunday, July 20, 2008

*Fun times*

Well it is just like my family to pack in as much fun as anyone can pack into a single day! Ry hates it, but the girls and I love to just fall out when we finally decide to stop! Anyway..this last week was no exception. We are all exhausted, but tomorrow we return to our normal lives...shh i think we have one more summer surprise in store, but don't tell tyra! my husband starts his time away from us. i have mixed feelings about it all. i totally know that moving, even without him, was the right choice for us! Schools are better! The community and sports seems to be better suited..i mean overall, it is the right choice..the whole moving without my huge. I mean, I can pack a house without him..I've done that before..but my husband has always been the person to set up my house. I normally escape for "errands" and return to a house or at least a room unpacked and looking just as I had imagined! OH here are a few pictures from our adventure. Promise to post the rest when I get back to my desktop computer!
My husband made this for his parents way back when..we wanted to make sure I captured that! Below is our first hotel stop! My girls love hotels! well at least the two babies do! Tyra always wants the comfort of her own one in the books..cyah guys tomorrow!
Sometimes I just love to sit and watch tyra...she is such a pure hearted child! I love to remind her..that I have loved her the longest!!Our #2 always always is thinking. She is SO ry's daughter. she spends her days analyzing and plotting her next move. Here she was...following a bug! My goodness!

How could you not love that face?? The problem is that she knows that she is that cute!
I will be packing this week. When we get home I will need to get my houser ready to be packed. So wish us luck! I don't know how much blogging I will be doing!
wish me luck!


Memorie said...

Let me know if you need my help..Lee is heading to Jacksonville all this week for some conference, so it's just me and the wee one..let me know!

Misty said...

Your girls are beautiful!!! So where have you been? I missed it somehow on where your latest road trip was to? I did all the moving last summer on my own, the closing on the house, packers, everything with Jack in tow. You'll do great! See you all soon.

Brad and Lauren said...

The girls have grown up so much in the past year!!! I can't believe it has been that long since we left Charleston. Crazy how time flys. The girls are beautiful. Good luck packing.