Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We survived!

Eight hours total in the car with my three girls are always a good's Ry that we have to deal with! But we headed south and found a house! Uh huh oh yea! (This is me doing the excited dance!) We headed a bit pass Kings Bay and found a house in sunny of course the wait game starts. But it's okay..because we don't even have a for sure move date! Yea wish me luck on that too! Since the navy and the smart move is just a superstar environment! The house isn't my house I dream about but heh...for now..we are going to be okay. The community seems great and the subdivision is nice. No pool, but the YMCA is just down the road...and the beach is just up the street..Not that I am huge beachy girl..but my girls love it..and anywhere I can just hang out and they play is all pluses for me! Now I have to hope they except our offer. Plus we need to hope that the navy works with us and gets my move going! All about hurry up and waiting! But the girls and I are ready for our next adventure! But at least most of my stress is gone!
So now Ry and I need to go through our house. I am already overwhelmed..but i am totally ready..I would start now except my herd is outside playing water..I better go and check them out!

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Brad and Lauren said...

Congrats on finding a new home!!! I love moving!!! I love waiting!!! I heart the NAVY!!!

I wish you were coming back home but at least you are in the sunny south and not up north dealing with snow. Good luck with the move and settling into your enw community. I know there are a lot of friends already settled.

Miss you lots and congrats!