Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road trippin'...yes again!

The Malama-Auger gang is off to see the wizard again! Okay okay not the wizard but we are on an adventure. I know such an adventurous life we lead! To think I already did my summer '08 album..i guess i will have to add pages! Thanks to our trusty friend above, the world is our oyster..but the cost of gas is insane. Hasn't really stopped us at all this summer. Thank GOD for the camry! That thing burns fuel like a queen. But if you don't have a tomtom..or whatever gps unit you might want..you NEED one! I mean seriously. I have never been that girl that wouldn't go somewhere cause she was scared of a map..but with tomtom..I feel so much better! I'm like..okay here we go! Plus the girls like it when it talks to you. Did you know you can get the craziest celebrity voices to give you the directions. It is pretty hilarious. I was thinking about downloading one..and not telling ry. Just so I can see his reaction. But who has time for that. As we speak the washer and dryer and going and my suitcase is sitting open waiting for socks and underwear. I mean seriously could I wait to the last minute. OH WAIT..ryan is! But heh that's him..and he is so not a list type of person.....Anyway..while on adventure I won't have the time to blog, so I promise to take a million ZILLION pictures and post like a mad women when i get back..OH wait..my vaca from blogging might be a bit longer then that..CAUSE when i get back..oh it's already time for the packers to get her! I know i know I hope my friend karrie has already made room for the girls and i! dial me or text me if you need something!!!
love you miss you!!!

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