Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kids asleep and I can' me help me!

So I took only a billion pictures while we were on our latest summer adventure. I always take random pictures. Ry pumpkin pie...always teases me. He never really gets it...but here are our NEEDS for a successful road trip for all! Everything starts with the Tom Tom. How I survived previous to this thing makes me wonder. Ry is such a review the map and check everything out type of person. BUT not me. I like to get in the car and just go. Ry wants to look at the map..and review it prior to leaving. Normally I drive so ry can be reassured that we are going the right direction. Like he is the only person in the car that can read a map or directions for goodness sake. In his defense though, I understand where his strengths are..which is why I drive. He is the map boy..and i'm the driver! Thank you tom tom for letting me be the passenger! #3 and ry..heart heart heart red fish. that is what we call it in our house. it is a staple for any type of travel with my children! Oh and #2 loves these. OH and her dad too!
Ry needs smart water. I need Vitamin water and the girls get snapple apple! Ry got new contacts. OMW these were so needed!
Gameboys. Need I really say anything else??
Then finally...this device is what quiets any long as they can agree on a movie! Normally I make them ride as long as they can take it. Oh about three to four hours then I break out the laptop. Normally with a new movie! Thank goodness for dvds!
okay now it's bedtime! all three girls are tucked in..and sleeping. amazingly..i can't wait to get home! sleep in my bed..but minus ry..pout pout..i love you ry

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