Sunday, April 1, 2007

Just what have I been doing???

Heh everyone! Sorry I have been a dork and not posted. Ryan is on spring break..SO I have been doing house projects with him. I am only partly complaining. But, no my craft room isn't done. It is still a work in progress. The reading chair is out..I was sad to see it go..but oh well and now the computer desk is going to head into the dining room area. But then it needs a computer..that is Ryan's department. Anyway..So let's see...SO thursday I headed back to Keri's house to hang out and stamp. Keri invited her friend Val..Ms. Gail was there ad I inivted Teri. Teri and I have been attached via children for the last three years. THIS is the first season, softball, that we don't have children on the smae team. I feels like the end of an era. Sigh...but oh well...I was so happy that she came along to play! I took notebooks to cover. SUPER simple and we used the sprial punch to make the covers. It was a nice time. I didn't take pictures..SORRY, but i will take a picture of mine and post it later.

Friday was Traysea's school Easter picnic. It was at Middleton Park. It was awesome. The park is pretty perfect...except it has a pota potty, and if you know my children they are all anti germs..and anti pota pottys. Anyway, thankfully we had gone before we left home. Anyway..Metro North had set up a nice get together for the familes and children. BUT the pollen this season is SO horrible that I had to take 3 different medicines just so I could get out there and not be dying...anyway..the kids competed in relay races and then there was a mad dash for Easter eggs. IT was TOO cute..but sorry I didn't get pictures of that..only because I was trying to control my two. 12 eggs were the limit and Nanea can't count too steadily pass 10. So it was her and was an awesome day...We loved spending the time outside with her class! SO it is spring break this week and hopefully I will be out with the girls..SO I will see what I make. OH I have to make baby shower invitations for my friend Leana. She is the cutest preggo chick! I love her..Her husband coached Traysea's basketball team. He was awesome. I mean of course Traysea is naturally a gifted athlete (giggle giggle) but Ethan really took time with Traysea. I guess he knew she wanted to learn..SO cool. Plus Ethan's nephew was the on the team. OH we miss Ali and Marco..tear Leana is having a baby boy and has this shower in Illinois. It's wear the hubby is from. SO she asked me to make her invites. I was like OF COURSE! When I finish them I will take a picture. I am using Choco chip paper and the bear from the bundle of joy. I LOVE HIM. The comforter set they picked has this bear with a bunch of different types of sports around him. SO..I thought it went nicely. are some pictures of our Easter picnic adventure!

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