Thursday, May 24, 2007

My belated Mother's day present

So my husband has great moments. But he is not the best present giver. A lot of times there is no consulting..he just goes out and buys something..and you go! But we have to love his effort. So when I went to Columbia last weekend Ry ordered me a "present"

Horrible picture I know, but it's a new computer. Okay to Ry's defense he and I had been talking about getting another one. The laptop that I normally use is TOTALLY functional but drags and his computer is in our bedroom and I can't be on the computer if the girls and I are home alone. You cannot trust Nanea amuck alone. SO I got this. The screen is super awesome..and it more then meets every need Tyra and I have. Tyra was the most excited..she now has access to a computer..almost when ever she wants to. Today she spend like two hours on it. I had to kick her off! She got to play with it before I did! What's up with that?

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