Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Traysea's spring concert..and the other silly things in life!

Traysea had her spring concert last night! It wasn't as good as the Christmas one..but my baby had a speaking part! After her performance we brought her flowers..OF COURSE...with Tyra's stuffs last week..Traysea knew it was flower time for her! Here she is!

My kids are such cheezers! I love it!

So today is Wednesday and friends and I are going on a craft TREK. At least I hear it is a trek..I am just in it for the fun! There is a craft store called Elenor's..i think that is how you spell it...about 3 hours away..SO what do crazy craft crazed women do..jump in a car and head north..right??? So here we come..just as a side bar..I have to say how awesome my friends are! God really answered my prayers when I asked him to send me some crafty friends!! All my new friends are awesome..BUT with Gail and Claudia I have this crazy connection! From cruising Target shelves..or stalking every blog..we seem to be one mind! Then with Claudia..she seems to know when I am in need! She keeps my cup full! And I love both of them for it! I was wiping the tears away..I'm sure Gail is reading this right now! HI GAIL! I am saying it and waving! Anyway..I will catch up with you guys after my adventure..I promise to stamp Friday..I need an idea for Carolina Girls swap! Wish me luck!

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