Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorry it's been so long...but it's going to be a LLLOOONNNGGG post!

Heh everyone..Happy Monday! So life has been a busy one! Let's see Thursday my brother, his wife..his three girls and my sister came in from Great Lakes. Okay..well my sister came in from Hawaii...she flew to Chicago..and drove down with them. brother was Ryan's first salute for his commissioning! It was such a great day! Raym and Ry looked SO SO cute in their chocker whites! I lov the whites! Anyway..thursday was Tyra's second performance of Aladdin. Having gone to both I have to say Thursday was a better peformance!

In Great Lakes theres a outlet mall called Gurnee Mills..they have an Archivers..look at my goodies

..then mom them made it here early early Friday morning! So we head out to Olive Garden for her post birthday party. Wait..did you just say..didn't she go to Olive Garden for Ry's mommies birthday??? Well the answer is yes I did! But in Hawaii there isn't an Olive naturally mom and sister always head to the Olive are the parents with the grand baby girls!

Okay then it was rush home time..get ready and head off to Ry's commissioning! Now it was a fun time. Ry seemed so happy. I had some shitty seats. We were right in front of Ryan..IF you moved the podium. Whom ever seats these guest aren't that smart! But's my hubby

Here are his parents putting on his rank!

I know shitty pictures huh! I totally have to get in contact with the professional photographer and get those pictures! is his diploma

Then here are some random pictures from Ry's commissioning

So you know what comes before part b??? PART A!!! Party party party! We had decided that we would just hang out at our house and have some food from home..YUM YUM. I was so overwhelmed on what I would eat first..that I forgot to take pictures! I know hi I am a loser..but we had char sui..fried noodles..garlic chicken..kalbi..and raym made crab salad! Did I mention I love my family? My mom skipped the commssioning to set up for the party. It was awesome..we hung out and ate!
So then Saturday morning was graduation. Now Ryan and I had gone back and parents had the should I go to Graduation. The speaker was Rudy Guliani..i think that is how you spell his name..BUT I just didn't want to sit through graduation..SO Ry went with his parents..and I headed to the flea market..yes I know..It's Cinco de Mayo..and National Scrapbook Day..and a trip to the flea market! Oh did I mention it was stamp camp day! is my flea market finds!

I know I know..way too much..but I was there alone..and then Addy gave me a bag and I just started tossing stuff in there. There were a few other things..but I gave the cuttlebug folders to my mom and I gave the teardrop inks to Claudia.
So from the flea market I head to the scrapbook store. I had permission. Remember a bit back Nanea made pretties?? Well this was my chance to replace items...

Tons of fun is all I can think of...then there are the primas! I love flowers!

I gave primas to my friends..and I bought Claudia the stickles she wanted...I love presents!
Then it was stamp camp! I love love stamp camp! Best was I got to take my mommie! She loves to stamp too..SO it was fun for both of us! Then she can take her skills home and make her own stuffs! Here's my stuffs!

So it's been an awesome week for me! Ry got family made it in town..I got crafting goodies! We are moving into the final phases of moving out. Ryan's parents leave Thursday night..Friday morning..Ry got his ID today..and we have to go and get ours sometime this week. Ry will go on leave here soon. OH..and we got orders..Ryan starts Nuc school in July! Okay..I know this is a lot..but I felt bad that I had not posted all week! I plan to catch up on my stamping. I have a shoebox swap that I have to go to next next Saturday..I still have to make my nametag and the card I am going to use. OH and Thursday I am going on a crafting expedition Thursday. I can't wait! enough for now. I promise to stampa nd actually show you a project! Love you guys

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