Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm a stampin again!

Okay so I actually was creative today! AND I love my final project. This is a spoiler..SO if your Last name is cannot read this post.

Okay now that we got that all out there..Tyra's best friend Laura is leaving this summer. I know heart breaking..more then you probably really know..but it is life as a military child! Anyway, remember how earlier I was telling you how GREAT God is! Well He also provided me with Shelley and Chris Bolt. They are some pretty awesome people..anyway..Laura's going away party is next week Tuesday. Tyra and I sat down and talked about what we wanted to come up with for Laura. Maybe a picture collage. Tyra wanted something that every time she saw it..would make her remember Tyra...SO We came up with this....

It's a wall hanging. Well it sorta is. You can hang it where evers! Every letter's back has a written note from each of us! I had some monogram alphas and I traced them onto Bashful blue and took my veramark to them. Then came back with Dazzling Diamonds. So its all shiny and lovely. Mounted the letters on Close to Cocoa and just accented as I felt. We love it! It felt so good to actually make something! I have been so horrible about just collecting..which reminds me..I still have to show you my haul from Columbia! Anyway..So this week should be a lot of creating. I have to make Baby shower invites...Ry's thank you cards..Nanea's birthday party invites...all of this before I leave next week Thursday for our six days in New Hampshire. Oh I needed to vent about that. My husband is taking us north. It is cold! Um' hello! Why are we going to frosty weather...Ry's grandparents need to see the girls! Anyway..I hope everyone is having a nice start to their holiday weekend! Comment me on what you guys got going on this weekend!

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