Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WOW what a day! It's Wednesday..we are half way there!

Well today is Wednesday and we are at mid week! YUPPIE...I am surviving..Last night I went to my book club "bon bon" meeting. It was started but this awesome girl Paige. She is a military wife that has a husband gone..and needed some adult conversation. With summer coming up..she thought it would be awesome to hang out! What a superstar idea! We stayed chitting and chatting till midnight! THANKS PAIGE I had a great time!

Okay so today was Traysea's field trip! Now we love Cypress Gardens! I mean really love Cypress Gardens. We had Traysea's birthday there last year. It's a cute place to go. Flowers..butterfly house..swamp boat's fun! We get to see Pedro, Joe, and the hot dog eating catfish. here are some pictures from today!

Oh and today is my Mother In law's birthday..SO we had to squeeze in some Olive Garden time! Here she is with her cake!

Then it was off to see Tyra's performance! We were rushing around! Thankfully the grandparents were here! They ran Tyra to her thing. Ry and I rushed up to check into the villas..Cause Raym and mom them arrive tomorrow! OH life is crazy! Then they over charged us! OH YIKES! It's the moon!'s Kalei!

So now the night is finally winding down. OH my hubby found out his grades and he is getting commissioned on Friday! Pray Jesus! Also we found out that we are pretty must for surely getting the house. Okay now I am totally doing the happy dance..SO I am going to post this picture

Now to my hubby's defense...we both hate pictures! I am always the camera girl! We love the girls to be our subjects! We have self hate! Anyway thank goodness we are halfway through this week!!
OH..and these I love love love my camera! I mean it isn't the awesome Nikon or Canon..just a Kodak Easy share..but as soon as I get behind the settings I can get some awesome this!

I love them! I love taking pictures with all my cool settings! I feel like a superstar! Anyway this is my last pictures..okay..promise..the grandparents wanted to take pictures of the girls in their cute Gymboree outfits. So we headed outside! It was a beautiful are some pictures of my baby girls

Okay that's all I got! I am so excited about our house! But I gotta go to sleep already!1! I am getting a bit crazy
Love yah guys

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beate said...

Wow Ronee, great shots of your outings and your beautiful family!