Monday, May 14, 2007


I know that is what Gail Owens is saying right now. Finally she has time to blog! Sorry GANG! The truthful answer is that I just haven't thought about it. Oh I love you guys, but I think I just needed some recovery time. I haven't stamped ANYTHING. I know how horrible is that. Ryan said I am the "procure" stage. Which is the truth. I just unpacked my Archivers stuff. I mean really Ronee! Anyway..So firstly..I got horrible news today. Vera Bradley's Java Blue is retiring. What the heck are they thinking?? I guess the company knows what they are doing. Everyone already has Java Blue..right? OH well..I am sorta pouting! to the good stuffs. So last week Thursday my crazy group of friends decided to head north to Eleanor's. Oh yummie. It is three hours away..yes yes..but it is an AWESOME..craft store. So we Claudia would o dark thirty and headed up 26. We had a great time! I really LOVE them. Now I know you guys are saying..Ronee you love everything..BUT NO..I really love them. God delivered great friends to me! Plus they are horrible enablers! But I really needed a push! Anyway..So here is my haul. I think I did pretty well. BUT that is partly because the entire time I was there Logan was texting me. Logan..luckily I love's my stuffs.

Don't you love my hula mice! I think they are the cutest! I can't wait to use them. I have promised myself that I am going to stamp with them this week. It is I have a few days!

As if going to Eleanor's wasn't enough the girls and I decided that our craft day wasn't done..we headed to AC Moore and they had ribbon. OH and I love love love..have I mention that I loved ribbon..but mostly..I found ribbon in colors I love...

All the ribbon is from American Crafts. It's a $1.99 for 3 yards..not too bad...Most is Satin..but two of them are grosgrain. I love them..I can't wait to use them.

Then I went to the flea market lady twice..I love me some Addy...but here is my haul! I tried to be good..but Addy makes it so hard!

Sorry it is a dark photo..but look at my haul! So I am going to clean my craft room and make some pretties...I also have to work on my swaps for this weekend's Carolina girl shoebox swap. I came up with something but I am sorta feeling that it is too easy..but I am at a mental block. I will stamp in a little bit and post..promise promise!

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