Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been Naughty!!!

Now if Claudia was here..she would say I said that as if I liked it! Anyway..I have been a HORRIBLE blog host. It seems like days just scooped into the next one..and when Ryan is home..everything just seems to be so much more relaxed. I don't have time to stamp or anything...though right now..my craft room looks like something exploded in here. I have found Mr. Potato Head pieces and marbles everywhere..WHY DO YOU ASK?? Well I left my children under the supervision of there father this weekend. It was our Carolina Girl swap and we headed North for some fun!"> There is the link to the gallery of all the awesome stuffs we did! If you are in any of the Carolina's we are holding out next Carolina Girl swap in October..here in Charleston. Sounds like an excuse for a vacation!! I have room! Anyway..I have tons of stamping I need to get done. It is the end of the school year and I need to make thank you notes..Traysea's school is out FRIDAY, not to mention one of Tyra's very bestest friends is leaving..and I need to make that card and gift..OH and I need to get on Trysha's birthday invites..because we will be heading to New Hampshire the first week in June..returning days before her birthday! Anyway..SO I promise to post more when I get things finished. My mom says I am not doing enough stamping...OH and I wanted to shout out to Jen..from Hawaii..Pieces of me is her blog..she gave me the inside scoops that Fisher Hawaii was getting in a shipment of Big Shots...I called my mom as soon as I got that info...And now in her home..she has one! I can't wait tell she pounds out some creations! Okay..and now she wants Bella's...I gotta go and check out the ones I want..so we can place an order..alrighty then...!

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