Monday, July 2, 2007

*A Tin for Tyra* and what we are up to!

I am sorry I have been a horrible blogger. I had to get everything ready for Ry and the girls to leave..and then now that they are gone..Tyra and I have been bonding...BUT the girls and their father are on the way home. Yesterday they spent the night at Ry's high school friends house. Dan and Jolie LOVE the girls. Jolie is such an awesome addition to Dan. I love spending time with them! one adventure I took Tyra on was Serika's class at "A Scrapbook Store" in Mt. Pleasant. Now Keri is such a talent, to have the chance to take on of her classes is just amazing! I had to bring Tyra, but it worked out well..We made a tin together. Okay so together isn't the best of terms..but we did sorta do it together! Here it is

Tyra LOVES Hawaiian print, and this paper from Creative Imaginations worked out perfectly! She is my little Hawaiian girl! OH I love her.
She got to lunch with the "inner circle". No I am just playing..she got to lunch with myself and some lady friends..then I dragged her to the Pink Store..we did a walk around..I showed it to Lauren and Gail Owens dropped in...and then we headed home. Tyra and I hit soccer that night. It was funny...I often have moments when I just love being a mom. Soccer with Tyra is always one of those moments. Though I think she was already tired. I love that time that we spend together. I love to look over at her..and just take a moment to breath out. She is about to be to imagine that 13 years ago I was pregnant with such a perfect thing. Everyday I am overwhelmed that God has chosen me a as their mother. I am so happy to be able to spend the time with Tyra. But also that Ryan has been able to spend the time with his two younger daughters. With Ry's job his time with the girls will be short. Hopefully each girl walks away knowing just something they didn't about Ry and I think weekend! Here's hoping!

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kathy said...

You did a great job on the tin. Its amazing to see the trasformation. Enjoy time with your daughter. There is nothing like the friendship of a daughter. I talk to mine several times a day and if we don't talk then we know something is wrong.