Friday, July 27, 2007

Rockin Blogger Chick

So I get this awesome "award"! I am a rockin blogger chick..and the girl who nominated me..was my girl Kathy! HI GIRLIE!!! So I am suppose to "tag" five other girls to be a rocking blogger let's see...Of course since I am so low on the rankings..everyone I would totally nominated..has been let's see... Combat boots to Rubber Stamps...Marie just had a baby boy! CONGRATS! Michelle is my partner in crime! Check out her blog..and the!! Peggy I love her! I think I love the pig bit. That or we both are's something..but check her blog out! She's tons of fun! and Now everyone loves Ali Edwards! Her blog..not to mention how cute Simon is..makes me mornings great!
So that is sorta five..OKAY OKAY..I will try to pick one more..
I'm going to go with Chichi Allen. Why you ask..because I case a TON of her 3D projects!!! her blog is

Check everyone will love them. Thanks Kathy for being such an awesome reader!!! OH yea..HEH Felicia..I have PRESENTS! Email me your addy..oh wait..i think I have it..either me OKAY!

OH and today my Lauren left! I miss her already! But she is going to Hawaii..SO i know I will see she's a stamper totally we will be in touch..right Beate!



danahollis said...

Hi there... just wanted to send you a thank you for naming those flowers on Ali's blog... they are so pretty. I'm going to see if I can grow them in my northern climate.

I love the internet. So many nice people out there. ;)


kathy said...

You deserved it

Michelle said...

Thx for the Rockin' Blogger Chick nod. You know you rock!

Sorry I bailed on you this morning. I really did set my alarm, I swear! Hope you snagged some awesome deals at the flea market.

Oh-btw- your short cut bites. It took me over 2hrs to get home. Luv ya anyway ~Michelle~