Monday, July 9, 2007

Alright, now stop me!

HELP! I mean seriously I need help. On Saturday I placed my first order from the new SU catalog. Now I use TONS of SU! items. Have you seen the new catalog. OH, I was sure I was going to be upset..with the price increase, the lost of Cool Carribean, I was sure I was going to be a bit unhappy...but I basically love almost everything. If you don't know me..accessories and paper is my fetish! I mean I love the stamps..but it's all the "frosting" that makes me smile! So, anyway..I was a good girl and took a $100's cash to Michelle and Gail's Catalog Open House. I was sure this was going to help keep me in control. Which it did! I spent $104.99. Luckily I had $5 in my pocket from Gail Owens. So I come home and look at my list..AHHH..of course I am basically ready to make my second order. I think I am going to have to email Beate here soon! This catalog goes with me everywhere! So here I am, sitting at the computer desk..inputing all my "wishes" into a spreadsheet! I hate when I have to work the formula at the bottom...@sum...UH OH! Then Stampin Up goes ahead and makes it so I only can get some of these items for the next six months! AHHH..what are they trying to do to me...make me get a divorce. I have to say, Ryan is awesome to me..and does provide me with tons of craft funds! So..Please give me strength not to place my next order until I come back from CHA!

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beate said...

You are so good. Your catalog is already bount. I just slapped a library folder over it.
I know what you mean about the new catalog though. It's freaking gorgeous! You NEED Priceless and the matching jumbo wheel, along with the new designer paper, the jewel brads, Baroque Motifs, All Holiday, Absolutely Fabulous...wait...who am I kidding. I NEED it all. LOL
Hugs and smiles