Thursday, July 19, 2007

My family is a train. You either get on or get out of the way

Being a member of my family is always an adventure. NO seriously it is always an adventure. When I called my mom a few weeks back..I said that she and daddy needed to come out and watch the girls because I was offered the chance to go to CHA in Chicago. So of course my parents say yes. They had been thinking about coming back out here, since the girls and I weren't heading out there, after thinking about mom calls me back and says, "Let's all go to Chicago!" Which sounds like just a whim..but really it's not. My brother lives in Great Lakes. Which is about a half hour north of why not all of us go and visit my three nieces. Oh yea..and my sister in law and big brother. Plus my sister and her family and my cousin them were going to be it was a plan. BUT for the few weeks before we left..everything was soft. No exact day of my parents arrival. That is because they fly SPACE A and we don't ever know exactly what day they will get to Charleston..and we weren't even sure if we were really going to drive all the way to Chicago. Remember how I said things are always an adventure. So my parents arrive early...4am...on Monday morning. Then 12 hours later, we are back on the road driving to Chicago. An quick overnight 14 hour trip here we are in Great Lakes. SO I head out to CHA today. I got to spend the time with the family..some Six Flags..some Mall time..and now I am ready for some time at CHA. So I will try and upload all the fun pictures I take at CHA. If not..I promise to at least blog!
I love you guys!

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kathy said...

about time we heard from you. We get worried when there is no Enjoy and get some kool stuff