Friday, July 6, 2007

*Oh happy day*

Today is a day for celebration! Ryan is REALLY at work. Though he stopped in for an hour..but like he is planning on working an entire day! I am so excited! Then I got this in the mail yesterday
If you even know me for a second, you would find out that I LOVE blue. Almost any type of blue..but I a girl who loves her some blue. So when I read on Inky Dinky Doo's blog that she was a ribbon share..and they had Brilliant Blue, Carribean Blue, and Bashful ribbon I knew I was in! So it arrived yesterday. I haven't really had time to do anything..I need to get off my butt and make Tyra's invitations. think you have all this free time..but in all trueness I don't. My freetime is now being absorbed into the girls. I am not complaining..but I hear my craft room sigh a bit everytime I walk past it. Right now it is a disaster area and in search of love. Maybe tonight I will get in there and clean it up..who knows..I hate how at my house it seems that only one thing can be clean at a time..The Living areas of my house are clean..but the girls room and the craft room are crazy. Anyway..i forgot to post what I got at Addie's. I have realized that Addie's is really just not worth it. But she was having a 4th of July sale. So you know I gotta was a sale! Here is what I got.
Well today, I think is a beach day. I gotta get the girls ready and head out...catch up with you guys laters


kathy said...

Nice stuff. I love those ribbon swaps. I love doing Jodie Morrows.

beate said...

Do you really like Brilliant blue? I have something for you then. :)