Thursday, July 26, 2007

*The world is starting to return to normal*

Heh everyone!
I know I have been a bad blogger..but REALLY I was busy. My parents are still in town..and after CHA..I spent time with my favorite nieces..and then returned home yesterday at 3 am. But of course no rest for the weary. I mean seriously sleep is over rated right???

Spending time with my family is always something I love. I hate that my family leaves so far away. We were so comfortable when we all lived in Hawaii. We saw each other at least once a week and had dinner together often. BUT now with Raym in in South baby brother in California..and then my parents and sister them back in Hawaii...and occasion when we all can be together..we jump on. So road tripping to Chicago was a no brainer. My sister and her family were there..and as a bonus my cousin them were there too!!! It is about a 13 hour drive..but with three drivers, it's nothing! We spent a few days with my family at six flags and just hanging out. Here they are!

So then it was off to CHA! My parents took me downtown..after Michelle finally made it to Chicago. If you want to hear the details for that trip..visit her blog at But I loved CHA! It was SO overwhelming! Michelle and I didn't get to everything..but we hit most of the floor and for surely made a HUGE dent into the budget..but as exhausted and everything as we were...we would have never traded it for a moment! Michelle and I were literally were running out of that place at 2:45 p.m. She had a a plane to catch and my family was at the hotel waiting for me. I love my family..they all were waiting on on barely any family picks me up..and we head to the mall. OKAY now we had to go to the mall. Plus they were already of course it made sense to just go from picking me up. PLUS it was for my two babies! They love build a I had to take them. Traysea had been asking about going to Build a Bear since the day we arrived! Plus it was my sister in laws birthday and TODAI was on the menu. If you love Japanese TODAI is the place to go. I have been starved for great Japanese food. So of course I could push through it..and feed my face till I exploded!

So you want pictures from CHA..right? Heck what happened in my here are some pictures!

That is so not even really a taste of what CHA was all about! The Pink House is going to be SO exciting in the next few months. We got Bind it Alls. If you don't have one you are going to need one. We bought Dreamcuts. OH..I am so happy Michelle loves me enough to get those! Punches GALORE. A ton of other things to alter. Houses, flowers, butterflies, frame, OH just have to come by and see! Our new August schedule is going to be insane! Michelle will be sending out the newsletter shortly so you can call and reserve your space in our classes. We will have Coffee and Crops..and everything!!! I can't wait! I promise to post more pictures later on this week!
Enjoy your days!


kathy said...

Sounds like you had a ball.

kathy said...

You ROCK!!!! and I have award you the rockin girl blogger. check out my blog for details

Felicia said...

And to think that I'm in California missing out on all the great stuff. I'm jealous! But I'm glad that you had an awesome time and got to be with your family. I miss you tons!