Saturday, July 14, 2007


Heh everyone:
I feel like I haven't been good to my blog. I think all 10 of you are the best people EVER. So things at the Pink House have been great. Last night we spent the night stocking the adhesives and Marvy products that came in. Thanks to Amanda for being my tag along. She helped make the process awesome. I am horrible and I use my friends....BUT ANYWAY today we held out first class. It was a Scrapbooking 101 class. Michelle did a great job coming up with a layout and I learned something. Want to know what it was? In the card making world..when you copy a's call casing..well..when you copy a layout it's called lifting. I love when I learn new things. SO the pictures from today's class on still on Karla's as soon as those get up..I promise to post them...BUT tomorrow is my card class. So I promise to take pictures of that..and post them. IF you aren't busy and live in my area...come down. It's going to be fun!
BUT the best thing I got today..was a little package from my buddy FELICIA! HI HONEY! Felicia is my "sista"! She is currently hanging out with her family and then will be heading on to Hawaii. I can't believe she moved from South Carolina. Anyway..she sent me this!
CUTE YEA! Felicia is a gifted crafter. She is also a CTMH if you need something..let me know..I can forward your information to my girl and she can hook you UP!. Don't you love love Choco cat??? I do! TYRA does. Which is why Felicia sent this to us. I once told her a story about how Tyra, when she is old enough to have a car..wants a convertible bug khaki..and choco cat it out. just needs a key. Isn't the card ADORABLE! Felicia..check your mailbox!!
Okay gang..I am off to the scary movie with my best buddy not that one..Gam Gam...the one that moved back from Rhode Island..but..her daughter wants to watch the scary movie!! YUPPIE
Enjoy your weekend

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