Thursday, July 5, 2007

*I've been a bad blogger*

Heh there everyone...I am sorry that I have not been "on top" on my blog! It seems like the days are just getting away from me. I have been putting in lot of "love" into that new scrapbook are some of the layouts that I did for them

Then i DRAGGED Lauren along with me for the stores Grand Opening! It was fun! I promised my husband that I would only stay till 2..because we were having people over and still needed to head out to run some errands before everyone came over....This is Lauren's first page EVER. I did the one with the Wine paper..but she did the one with the three princesses.
Here is a picture of Lauren and I sitting at the class table
Lauren has mad self taken picture skills.
After all that I headed back to the house to celebrate the 4th. I have to saw I am a pretty proud wife! He is proud service member! Plus, the Navy has been excellent to us..for the most part..there were those sucky moments..but when you take the step back, The Navy has been a great thing! Here are is a picture of the fireworks we went to go see. Thank you to ever service member! I am grateful for everything you do..and every sacrifice that you and your family has to go through!

Then finally..TODAY I spent some time with all my kids! And when I say all..I three the kids that I inherit! The Houser pair..The Fire big ones and Collene and Tedi...But all the kids went to the waterpark! Oh and my kids LOVE the on the drive home..this is what they looked like!

Well the day is over...BUT I still have to get up to see my newest family addition. Nang had her baby!!! Manolo "Manny" Bardago Owen. I gotta go and see him..he's been alive four days..and I haven't been able to see him! I gotta make it there...

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kathy said...

Awe the sleeping kids are so cute