Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What do we do on rainy days and when the rain knocks out our Direct TV

Yesterday was a mess! If you live in my area of the world you probably have a few of these? What is that you ask? It's my "pool" in the backyard. Really it is all the rain water that collects at the playground. My friend Shelly..at her house has a Lake Jacinto. I have my own pool. Luckily mom and I headed out early so we could do some last minute shopping that she needed to get done. Charleston Taffy and other things that she needs to take back with her. But on way home the darkness rolled in and we were then stormed on. Ryan came home soaked. I almost started to feel bad for him. But his Khaki's were drenched! So we all tucked in...but the babies had been talking about putting on a show for us all day. Bug, aka Nanea, does this Opera thing. Yes at four she has hopes of one day being an opera star. So before dinner we all gathered in the living room and prepared for a show. I wish I knew how to put videos on my blog..because it is HILARIOUS! If you ever get the chance to meet my baby girls..they all are so much fun. Traysea will say random things..showing her pure genius..and then Tyra will have the best come back lines EVER. It is so much fun being the mother to these girls! Then as the babies settle in for the night..what do the older peeps do...get our Wii on! If you don't have a Wii..you gotta get one. The aerobic workout that thing gives you is AMAZING! Even if you just get Wii Sports....that is enough to get your heart rate going! We love it. With everyone here..the Wii has been a very busy friend. Mom and Tyra were playing Tennis last night. I think Tyra is the reigning champion in everything except bowling. Mom can bowl like a superstar in real life too! So of course she should be cleaning up!. I know I know..it is not the best picture. But Tyra's room isn't that big..and I almost got hit. So you are going to have to take what I can give you..on that one..plus I have been using Tyra's camera...cause it's smaller...so the quality isn't all that awesome. Anyway..so I promise to be creative this week. I feel like I am a rut. I know everyone seems to be going through that..but with the children home..plus my craft room actually turning into it's alias "crap" room, I just haven't wanted to get in there. But I have Tyra's birthday party coming up..and a few classes that I have to teach at the Pink House..I better start to get some juice a flowing. I promise to make something gorgous. I promise promise..and Felicia..I haven't forgotten about you. I have a package waiting to get out to you. Plus Lauren...I have a present for you..I need yours and Bradford's address! Okay..I gotta email some pictures to Keri...I might be back a bit later today!

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