Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pajama Sundays

I am in a slump. I want to blame my craft room disaster area, but I think that it is only part of the reason. Right now I am in search of that creative spark. I have to make Tyra's invitations, and I am still not motivated to stamp yet. All I can hear is the clock ticking for that..Her birthday is just a month away...and I really hate to wait to the last minute for things like that. BUT..I say Michelle moved home and Dawn was only here for a week..SO I tried to spend as much time with DF as possible! So..she left today..maybe my schedule will "loosen" up. Not likely..but here's hoping. Anyway..I have to make a promise to myself to be productive...RIGHT???
So yesterday was Michelle and Gail's open house. OH the JOY of the new SU catalog. I mean there are things I am not a fan of..but I love ALL THE NEW PAPER. If you have ever met will know I am a sucker for paper and ribbon. And what does this catalog have..NEW PAPER AND NEW RIBBON! I was good and stayed in my budget. Ryan and I talked about it..and I stayed with my $100. It was nearly impossible..but I was such a good girl! I will take pictures of my make and takes..and post them later..Ry needs help outside with the grass cutting...

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Teri said...

Hi Ronee! Did you see that you won one of my tins?? Email me your snail mail address so I can ship it off to you!! Aloha hugs!! Teri (