Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter

As soon as I knew Brianna and Garrick were moving back to South Carolina, we had planned on headed out to see Harry Potter! Of course we had to see it in the IMAX, because of the 3D ending..not to mention we see EVERY movie we can at the Imax. The girls and I go to the IMAX all the time. I wish more movies were there. In other places in the world they get every movie in...oh well..Here in South Carolina they have it set up downtown. It is waterfront and the park it just super cute. OH IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Now I LOVE all the Harry Potter books, and this is the only movie I thought was worth it. So much, that I told Brianna we have to go again. We went and saw the 10am show so we headed out early to make it downtown!
Here are the kids after the movie!

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kathy said...

The little ones look Probably don't want their pic on your Just teasig