Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A life filled with blessings!

Seriously 2007 has been an awesome year for the Malama-Auger Team! When I say team, I mean really, it has taken all of us to pull together as a team to make this year happen! Sorry you guys have not gotten your Christmas Cards yet. They were late, but heh..they are adorable and include the holiday newsletter! I always debate if I should include that holiday newsletter. This year, it seems that I really haven't talked to anyone in such a long time. So it made sense to include the newsletter. But I sorta felt like I was bragging about all the wonderful thing that have happened to our family this year! It is what it is though. But since I wrote them before Ry ry's test, of course it leaves you hanging..SO he passed! Oh well! Anyway..Christmas Eve we went to James Island County Park. Every year they have The Festival of Lights. You can drive through the park and view the light on your own, or park and purchase tickets for "Santa's Train". The girls love it. It gives them the in the mix experience. This year we took along the Dulaney's. Michelle owns The Pink House. She have a herd of children and they are all about my girls ages, so our kids love to hang out! Here is a picture of the crew before we hit the train. We bought train tickets and then still had time to hit the smores pit! This is all Nanea could think about all day! Here she is waiting for her marshmellows to get all nice and sticky! At the Festival you can buy these kits. They have the crackers, sticks covered with marshmellows and of course the hersheys! So everyone got one. Ryan made sure that everyones Smores were the right temp and texture.
Here is Baby bugs with her finished product! Then after we finished cleaning up if was train time! 14 tickets later, we were loaded up and ready to go! I had to take a bunch of different pictures to get everyone in! It wasn't freezing, but it was a bit chilly! Ry and I even ended up sliding our hands into the girls jacket pockets! At the Festival they also have a merry go round. Now the girls always make up take them on it, so we hit the center of the park and let the girls go for a quick ride. This is them waiting in line! By now, the girls were just plain pooped! Bedtime is normally 7 at our house, so we had to head home. My girls love the lights every year. Because of ry's schedule this year, he didn't have time to put up lights on our house. The girls weren't too happy with that, but this pretty much makes up for it! It's sad, this might be the last year we actually have Christmas in Charleston! With Ryan moving on to Power School, he is into the final phase of this school. From here he heads to Sub school sometime in June. Tear tear. But we aren't going to focus on it! I am going to treasure the moments that I have now, and when that time comes to move is what it is! So I am working Friday..if you are in our area, you should come and see me!!! I have to go and get pictures printed tomorrow so I can work on my January Class Samples! xoxo, ronee

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Erika said...

Such cute pictures! It looks like you had a great time at the Festival of Lights!!