Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One day down..13 to go!!**Good Luck wishes** BUNCO!!!

Well we survived day one! It turned out to be an okay day. I did decide to add a few extra kids to my load, which made it trying..but okay. But bowling this morning with my children there..HORRIBLE! But now we are on Christmas break and my partner and I can recover and hopefully improve! Maybe we both are just carrying to high of an average..or something. Anyway..we were on top today..and slide back into second..>YUCK< We did so good last week to sweep and actually make a move. OH well...anyway..tomorrow is Ry's test. OH my goodness I am a bit stressed out about it. BUT God has brought us to this point SO many times. STA pack it. NSI finals. Nuc school interview..and now here we are. So tomorrow morning..have a moment in prayer for my husband! Just pray they ask him the write questions! Anyway..normally I don't stress. If Ry is totally handling the situation..I have other things to stress out about..but when Ryan is freaked, I just can't help but to get swept into his mood! Needless to has been not the perfect week! BUT I got the kids pictures taken! Baby bug had no desire to smile tonight. WHAT THE HECK! She's the best smiler I got..and she doesn't want to smile? Who would have thought that? Anyway..I have the CD and I will post's late..and my body is weak! I will be store bound tomorrow..Come see me!!
OH and Felicia..I love you and think about you all the time! Can't wait to hang out this summer! xoxo

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