Thursday, December 27, 2007

*A catch up day*

So Ryan and I have been catching up on things that we have let go on for far too long. We took all our bedroom furniture out. We are planning on getting new stuffs. I took the pictures off our walls. We have super cute wooden frames at The Pink House, and I am going to paint and use those on my walls. Not to mention hit Target are get some new frames for our hallway. We moved furniture around in the living room. Dusted, washed clothes, packed up Christmas presents. Yes yes, I did not get around to mailing out Christmas presents on time. So I will be off to the post office tomorrow, with ten boxes, and a few large envelopes to send on their merry ways. And hit the rest of our house. We have had a leak under our sink for about a year. Military housing, followed by a shrug. The last time GMH came out, they said it was nothing to worry about. Yea..sure! I will take pictures just in case they think it should be an issue! Today was a beautifully mild day. I sent the girls outside while ry and i really hit the house. We are going to move my craft room into our bedroom. I am SO sad! But the babies are just too big for their room. The kitchen, the store, the dress up..all of it just doesn't fit in there with their beds dressers and a closet full! So it is back to playroom. That last room has been so many things over the last four years. The office/guest room. The play room, Traysea's bedroom, my craft room, and now, here again, it will go back to be being the playroom. I am not exactly sure why we are doing all this. We are probably going to be leaving South Carolina in June of 2008. But I am hard headed. But I have to take ry's energy and free time at whatever spurts I get them in. Anyway, so tomorrow I will be at work! Working on a layout I have in my mind and pages Ineed to go in the house! Come visit me our store is always some place to hang out. Plus tomorrow is Friday. As with every Friday, we have Friday night crop! The Mom holds it every Friday from 6 to Midnight! Last week we had so much fun!

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